For information about or to gain access to the ACE Client Services Interface, email your request to Make sure to include your company name along with the name, email address and contact number for each person who requires access. You will receive a confirmation email of your request. Your login will be setup within 1 business day.    
  Client Support    
    Login Assistance    
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    Make a suggestion or feature request
Email us if you have suggestions for improvements to our Client Services Interface, such as additional features or ways to make the interface more helpful.
    Daily Files
Do you need help in receiving or picking up your daily files? Are you missing a file? Call the Utility Support Line at 972-550-5054.
  Payment Research Tools    
    Transaction/Payment Inquiry
Conduct a search of payments based on various inquiry criteria.
Account Number Search
Look up all payments for a specific account number.
Misapplied Payments
Use an account number to search ACE’s system to determine if the payment may have been sent to another client.
by Authentication Number
Each customer’s receipt contains a unique authentication number that will allow you to research that transaction.
by Date
This inquiry allows you to view all transaction activity for a previous date.
by Center
View all transactions performed at a specific ACE center.
Download data from inquiries such as a Center Listing or ACH Data into an Excel spreadsheet.
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